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Salina Torres, Ph.D.

HS/Associate Scientist 2

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Contact Information

Mail: MSC08 4640
Phone: 505-272-2197

About Salina

Salina has been involved in population‐based research for nearly 17 years. Over this time she has studied Helicobacter pylori infection in children along the U.S.‐Mexico border, the effect of in utero exposure of antiretroviral drugs, the role of estrogen in melanoma, developing new therapeutic strategies for melanoma, and more recently HPV and cervical cancer. She has also worked on studies examining breast and colorectal cancer in New Mexico. Salina enjoys the beautiful New Mexico sunsets and is excited to be working on the forefront of cervical cancer surveillance and prevention. When she is not at the bench, Salina enjoys practicing yoga, baking, and spending time with her two children who are growing up way too fast.