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NM-HOPES-PROSPR - A founding PROSPR Research Center funded as a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. National Cancer Institute

Deficiencies, Opportunities and Geography of the Cervical Cancer Screening Process (DOGS)

NM-HOPES-PROSPR will geospatially map and analyze data from the NMHPVPR and linked NMTR to allow small area estimations of cervical cancer screening utilization, provider screening, diagnostic and treatment service availability and geographic barriers to access. Spatio-temporal methods will be applied to estimate time trends, which may be especially important given anticipated changes in HPV-based screening tests as well as decreased frequency of screening intervals and other potential changes in cervical cancer prevention strategies. Successful geo-referencing of data on HPV screening and cervical cancer diagnosis and treatment and its comparison to reference population data form fundamental challenges. To meet these challenges, we bring excellence in geocoding practices, geospatial analysis of health data, and small-area demographic modeling through partnerships of the University of New Mexico with Texas A&M University.