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EPIC-STI - Epidemiology and Prevention Interdisciplinary Center for Sexually Transmitted Infections


EPIC-STI Diagram

Schematic representation of the UNM EPIC-STI

Administrative Core

Leader: Cosette Wheeler, Ph.D.

Admin Group

Left to Right: Burt Martinez, Cosette Wheeler, Christine Serway. [Not Pictured: Ann Powell, Lee Fernando]

The Administrative Core of the Epidemiology and Prevention Interdisciplinary Center for Sexually Transmitted Infections (EPIC-STI) will provide infrastructure and support activities to the Scientific Projects, Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Core and the Pilot Developmental Research Projects (DRPs) with oversight by the EPICSTI Program Director. A central activity of the EPIC-STI will be to coordinate reviews of its DRPs through the NIAID STI- Cooperative Research Center’s (CRC) Executive Committee. The Committee’s recommendations will be implemented to support the scientific goals of the DRPs and align mentoring strategies to successfully bridge the gaps between early establishment of a new investigator’s into STI careers. The EPIC-STI administration will also provide an infrastructure within the UNM Health Sciences Center (UNM-HSC) that enhances the interactions within the program and its collaborators and that supports and optimizes accomplishing the interdisciplinary aims of the Center.

The goals and objectives of administrating the EPIC-STI are to:

  1. Coordinate activities related to the development of the Center
  2. Oversee the ongoing development and implementation of the DRP mentoring program and its associated scientific projects
  3. Manage the fiscal resources of the Center and communication with the NIAID program
  4. Maintain records, monitor and update compliance data related to Projects and Cores
  5. Coordinate meetings among investigators at UNM, Harvard, Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine, and with external advisory board members, seminar speakers and the NIAID
  6. Manage and schedule the travel and external reagent exchange and communications for the Center
  7. Provide support for noncompetitive renewal reporting including production of an annual progress report
  8. Manage requests for use of shared resources developed by the EPIC-STI
  9. Interface with all center activities to update the contents of the EPIC-STI website

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Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Core (BBC)

Leaders: Jack Cuzick, Ph.D. and Cosette Wheeler, Ph.D.

Bioinformatics Group

Biostatistics and Bioinformatics - Left to Right: Roufei Du, Ji-Hyun Lee, Yang Shi, Harold Nelson

IT Group

IT Group - Left to Right: Ruth McDonald, Ochressandro Rettinger, Michael Robertson, Scott Horlbeck

The Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Core (BBC) provides support with design, data management and analysis of research studies for the Epidemiology Prevention Interdisciplinary Center for Sexually Transmitted Infections (EPIC-STI). Moreover, it serves as a centralized resource for biostatistical consulting, methods development and analyses for scientific projects. The unit provides a centralized analytic base to each of the four scientific projects as well as new pilot developmental research projects at all levels of investigation, beginning with the formulation of more specific hypotheses related to the overall unifying hypotheses, reviewing study designs, and evaluating the utility of measurement techniques. Support and consultation concludes with aiding in the interpretation, presentation, and final writing of results. The EPIC-STI BBC also serves to warehouse and maintain a public health population-based data resource, the New Mexico HPV Pap Registry (NMHPVPR), a cornerstone of the overall EPIC-STI and a model of integrated health informatics. The BBC will promote the EPIC-STI research aims as follows:

  1. finalize the study designs and protocols in collaboration with each study investigator
  2. mentor, train and foster exchange programs for junior investigators transitioning toward careers in STI research
  3. collaborate with the study investigators in the development of data collection instruments and applications
  4. assist in development of protocols for secure data transmission
  5. collaborate with the study investigators in developing detailed study manuals
  6. develop and manage the EPIC-STI central and project-specific relational databases including the NMHPVPR
  7. run SAS quality-control program checks
  8. maintain a Master Database for each project with appropriate backups and security checks
  9. monitor study progress and distribute quarterly reports
  10. produce reports summarizing data acquisition by subject, distributions and summary statistics for the primary variables
  11. interface and perform linkages to the New Mexico state-wide immunization information system (NM-SIIS) and other administrative and statistics data sources
  12. perform basic, complex and exploratory statistical analyses
  13. develop new methods for analysis of complex datasets
  14. develop and maintain the EPIC-STI web site and portals.

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