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Norah Torrez-Martinez

Sr. Program Manager/Lab Manager

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Contact Information

Mail: MSC08 4640
Phone: 505-272-9899

About Norah

Norah was born and raised in northern New Mexico. In 1982 she moved to California beginning her extensive research career at Amgen where she worked on the recombinant drug EPOGen. Missing New Mexico she returned to start a family and began working at the University of New Mexico. In response to the Hanta Virus outbreak in 1993 she worked with researchers to identify and develop a rapid detection test for Hanta Virus. In 1997 she began working with Dr. Wheeler and soon thereafter on the HPV Vaccine clinical trials. She continues currently because of her dedication to the understanding and prevention of HPV and because of her appreciation for the excellence of the Program. Her life is devoted to her family and she most enjoys spending time with her 4 grandchildren and loves to read and listen to music.